After questioning moon landings, NBA star Stephen Curry gets an invite from NASA
After questioning moon landings, NBA star Stephen Curry gets an invite from NASA

One option to get an tour of Johnson Area Heart’s high-security Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility is to query whether or not individuals landed on the moon in any respect. At the very least that technique works if you happen to’re an NBA basketball star like Golden State Warriors level guard Stephen Curry.

It began on Monday, with Curry’s riffs on “Winging It,” a basketball-centric podcast on The Ringer. Curry and different basketball gamers touched on a wide range of matters, ranging from golf simulators to dinosaur sounds. After questioning how scientists know what sounds dinosaurs made, Curry segued to the moon-hoax controversy (at round 46:46 within the podcast):

Curry: “We ever been to the moon?”

Others: “Nope.”

Curry: “They gonna come get us now, however I don’t suppose so both.”

Host Annie Finberg: “You don’t suppose so?”

Curry: “Mm-mm. … You speaking ’bout we took one thing to the moon? I don’t suppose so.”

Then the dialog turned to Nineties-era bag telephones. However the repartee rebounded on the web, a lot in order that NASA jumped as much as present an help. Right here’s what Allard Beutel, a spokesperson for the area company, mentioned in an emailed assertion:

“There’s a lot of proof NASA landed 12 American astronauts on the moon from 1969 – 1972. We’d love for Mr. Curry to tour the lunar lab at our Johnson Area Heart in Houston, maybe the following time the Warriors are on the town to play the Rockets. We have now lots of of kilos of moon rocks saved there, and the Apollo mission management. Throughout his go to, he can see first-hand what we did 50 years in the past, in addition to what we’re doing now to return to the moon within the coming years, however this time to remain.”

Moon-hoax claims have been swirling across the conspiracy-loving corners of the web for many years, regardless of efforts by NASA and folks comparable to “Bad Astronomer” reality-checker Phil Plait to beat them down. Curry even name-checked movie director Stanley Kubrick, who was supposedly in on the faked TV coverage.

In his electronic mail, Beutel pointed to a NASA webpage that rounds up resources refuting fake-moon claims. And if additional proof is required, the photos of Apollo moon landing sites produced by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (which is a mission managed by Arizona State College) ought to assist put Curry’s doubts to relaxation.

There’ll be even brisker proof coming in over the following few years, as a result of anticipated rise of economic lunar landings. A Pittsburgh-based firm known as Astrobotic has even talked about revisiting Apollo 11’s Tranquility Base, though it’s not clear whether or not that’ll be on the itinerary anytime quickly.

Will Curry decide up the ball and take that NASA tour? If it had been me, saying sure can be a slam-dunk. And Curry simply would possibly really feel the identical approach, based mostly on the emoji he tweeted as we speak:


— Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) December 11, 2018

Hat tip to Bleacher Report and CNN.


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